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In low poker, the ranking of hands is the opposite to that of high poker, with the lowest hand being the most powerful. The ace is considered the lowest and therefore most powerful card. The hand 5 4 3 2 A is the best low total possible. (See the section on Lowball for further discussion of low poker rankings.)

Chips are the standard and accepted currency for casino and private poker games, though cash is sometimes used as well. Players prefer the use of chips for betting purposes as the handling of money at the tables is cumbersome and can slow a game down. There's something impersonal and distant about chips, and using them removes players from the reality of losing actual money when they lose.

In casino poker, the standard denominations of chips are $1, $5, $25, and $100. In big money games, you can sometimes find $1,000 and $5000 chips. In games with 250 and 500 antes, regular quarters and half dollars are also used. Though some casinos use their own color code, the typical color scheme of poker chips is : $1 - blue, $5 - red, $25 - green, and $100 - black.

To receive chips in a casino game, give the dealer cash, and he'll give you back the equivalent value in chips. This exchange of cash for chips is called a buy-in. Dealers will accept only cash or chips, so if you have traveler's checks, credit cards, or other forms of money, you need to exchange these for cash at the area marked Casino Cashier. Then, with cash in hand, you can buy chips at the poker table.

In private games, players generally use chips, though sometimes the game will be cash only. When chips are used, one player acts as the bank or banker. He converts players' cash buy-ins to equivalent values in chips. The most common denominations of chips used in private games are one unit, five units, ten units, and twenty-five units. A unit can equal a penny, a dollar, or whatever value is agreed upon and set by the players.
One unit chips are generally white, five units are red, ten units are blue, and twenty-five units are yellow, though any equivalencies or colors may be used.

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